Time Series Analysis with Generalized Additive Models

Whenever you spot a trend plotted against time, you would be looking at a time series. The de facto choice for studying financial market performance and weather forecasts, time series are one of the most pervasive analysis techniques because of its inextricable relation to time - we are always interested to foretell the future.

Trends in Topic References to Singapore

Automated Biography for a Nation

Singapore turns 50 years old in 2015. While Singaporeans are proud of our progress from 3rd to 1st world status - one wonders how this progress has been portrayed though the lens of global media. By examining Singapore-related news, could we predict Singapore's growth trends? Could we examine how much an export-dependent economy like Singapore is affected by world events?

You Are Who You Like

Research has shown that we like people similar to ourselves. But does this rule of attraction apply to our liking for fictional characters? Analysis of Star Wars character fans suggests so. Personality scores of Facebook users who had 'liked' Star Wars character pages were aggregated and profiled in this post.